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WorldSMS is a Brandname SMS, SMS are Delivered from your Brand Name or Company Name instead of any unknown number.
WorldSMS can be used to meet many communication and marketing needs in any organization. Some ot these include:

  • Reliability Sending E-bills and invoices to customers via sms in bulk
  • Allowing customers to send an SMS to query the status of their account especially for subcription services like pay television
  • Informing students of their examination results. Students can send sms query or the school can brodcast a text message to each student containing the results
  • Companies can use bulk sms messages to disseminate news updates or collect feedback.
  • WorldSMS messages can be used for marketing and brand popularization. Keep your customers loyal by giving regular sms updates
  • SMS for entertainment – sending Quotes, motivational sms messages, ringtones and music
  • You can also use WorldSMS for alerts and reminders to your customers on new products and services or payments they need to make
  • For communication between staff in the office and field and sending meeting notifications via sms.
  • For scheduling and sending birthday messages. Your customers will feel appreciated and valued when they get a regular sms on their birthday
  • Sending Seasonal Greetingsr. This can be done within a few minutes by using WorldSMS
  • Collecting feedback from your clients and doing surveys. SMSes sent by your respondents can be grouped and analysed.
  • Customers can place orders and bookings via SMS for various products and services.
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